Picturehouse, the Official Cinema of Jameson Cult Film Club

Jameson Cult Film Club

Having been active in the film world since 1998, Jameson Irish Whiskey is now partnering up with Picturehouse Cinemas. Both are dedicated to the promotion of cult and independent cinema, making these two companies an ideal match.

The partnership, which makes Picturehouse the official cinema of the Jameson Cult Film Club, will give Picturehouse members a variety of exclusive perks. Chief among these are opportunities to win much sought after tickets to Jameson Cult Film Club events. In addition, members will be able to enjoy a complimentary Jameson and Ginger at any Picturehouse bar.

Throughout 2014 Picturehouse customers will benefit from further offers and opportunities, to be announced at Jameson’s Facebook and Twitter pages. Jameson will have an increased presence in Picturehouse sites nationwide, gaining fantastic exposure to Picturehouse’s discerning customers.

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